EKDANTAM is a world class and progressed multispecialty Dental facility arranged in the core of Jaipur Rajasthan India . It is a standout amongst the most prepared facility in north India for a wide range of dental treatment under one rooftop .

Dental implant in jaipur is a condition of workmanship dental center with most current and propelled types of gear for every single dental treatment. We are pioneer in all Advance Dental embed systems, Full Mouth Dental Implants , Laser dentistry, Micrsoscopic and Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment and Digital Smile Designing . We have turned into an image of value and Endeavor Our self to give exclusive requirements of dental treatment to our patients.


1) OPG and Digital Xray :- Ekdantam is furnished with in house all encompassing XRAY (OPG) and Digital x-beams.

2) DENTAL IMPLANTS :- Ekdantam is a standout amongst the most prepared centers in India for Dental Implants . We are furnished with best of Implants display overall like Nobel Biocare , Ankylos Dentsply , Osstem , Neobiotech , Dio , Adin and numerous more .

Ekdantam had a forefront innovation for dental inserts with Physiodispensor , Peizosurgery for all propel Implant surgery , Polyether impression to get the correct impression for your prosthesis , QUANTOS development factor influencing rotator to expand the accomplishment to rate of inserts numerous folds .

Ekdantam is additionally outfitted with one of the most recent strategies of densah pods from US that is accessible at not very many centers in India . This framework densifies bone around the Implants by turning anticlockwise looked at other general pods that are utilized (which pivot clockwise) and increment the embed surgery exceedingly fruitful and dental inserts deep rooted.

3) Full Mouth Dental Implant:- EKDANTAM has the front line and most recent strategy of WELDONE (INTRAORAL WELDING OF DENTAAL IMPLANTS ) and Ankylos arrangement of Implants to convey last conclusive prosthesis on same day of Implant surgery .At ekdantam we try to convey you the last prosthesis on same day of embed surgery with same life like style like your characteristic tooth .

4) Cosmetic Treatment :- When you have numerous teeth attrited , or missing and you need every one of your teeth to be amended and to get a similar youthful grin like before . Ekdantam is the correct place for that . Full mouth restoration , Veneers , Onlays all that is required to reestablish your teeth in a durable and insignificant horrible way is done here .

5) Laser Assisted Treatment :- EKDANTAM is outfitted with Biolase 10 watt laser for all laser helped surgery , root trenches medicines to make it done easily and with awesome recuperating and results .

6) Laser helped tooth brightening/Bleaching :- We utilize Biolase 10 watt laser and submitted unit for best consequences of laser helped tooth brightening .

7) ROOT CANALS TREATMENT (RCT) : EKDANTAM is furnished with most recent innovation of Rajasthan first MAGNA SURGICAL MIRCOSCOPE AND ALSO FIRST ENDOPILOT for all unpredictable Root Canal Treatment. Thermoplastic filling of trenches in root channel techniques is done to get the best outcomes .Laser helped water system is likewise utilized for root waterways to sterile the channels totally .

8) Sterilization conventions :Most critical is the disinfection convention took after . We have exclusive requirements of cleansing with Three Phase Sterilization as prescribed by American Dental Association. Ekdantam is outfitted with Most present day and productive B Class autoclave for appropriate disinfection of instruments . Instruments are Packed in sterile pockets to fundamental the sanitization long haul. We take it as the most vital errand to keep up exclusive expectations of cleansing to make treatment comes about exceedingly unsurprising and with no accidents .

9) Dental material :- All material utilized at ekdantam are words best organization brands like 3M , IVOCLAR BREDENT , DENTSPLY ,And numerous more .

So for all your dental issues visit EKDANTAM and leave everything to the proficient staff there to provide food as well.